The Next Level: Safe Anabolic Supplements

Leveling Up

Working out often starts out as a New Year’s resolution to become healthier, begins to be a hobby when you realize it’s actually enjoyable, then becomes a lifestyle as you realize that a carefully planned diet, sufficient rest, a systematic approach to routines and inflexible discipline are all requirements if you want to be in more than “good shape.” After that, for some it becomes an obsession or even a career, but this is not for everybody.

At some point, though, you will hit a wall that you cannot break through even with the greatest motivation and the best will in the world. Most people will decide that they’ve reached their natural limit and switch their program to maintaining rather than improving their form. A few others, frustrated beyond endurance, will turn to steroids to get to the next level. Not only is this often illegal, but it is also incredibly dangerous. While MDs may prescribe them for certain health conditions, this is only for a limited time and under observation. Using them indiscriminately, without regard for the side effects, will probably help you gain muscle, but at the cost of rotting away your kidneys and liver, altering your personality due to hormonal imbalances, and affecting sexuality in both men and women.

The Third Way

Luckily, there is a new solution to this phenomenon of plateauing. Unlike steroids meant only for supervised therapeutic use (most of which are basically testosterone boosters of some kind), they are called “anabolic supplements”, manufactured by a company called Crazy Mass.

Derived from natural sources, they are not only legal for anyone to take, but despite extensive usage

have turned up no serious side effects. In fact, you can use several at the same time to multiply the benefits, without running the risk of renal failure or growing breasts. Of course, there are some safety guidelines: not using them continuously for months at a time, some are not suitable for women, and of course a maximum dosage applies. However, I get the idea that these are more in the way of precautions, and these supplements are completely healthy to take.

As you should know, no tablet in the world is a substitute for lifting that barbell or running that mile, but if you need a boost for a few weeks to open up new possibilities for your regimen, read on.

What Crazy Mass Sells

As mentioned, they recommend stacking up to three different products in order to get the most out of their synergism. As one example, you might combine a product whose main function is improving blood supply to the muscles with another that assists in faster lean tissue growth. We only have space here to discuss a few of their lines, but their website contains much more information, including suggested mixes that have worked well for their customers.


The pain you feel the morning after a heavy workout is the sensation of your muscles repairing and building up themselves. Some ways you can assist this process is drinking sufficient water to flush waste products, like uric acid and lactic acid, from your blood. Equally obviously, a good diet (lean protein AND, yes, carbs), eaten at the right times, is essential. Doing all this will aid in quicker recovery times, better muscle tone and less discomfort.

The next step is to take a supplement like Deckadrolone. The general idea is that a healthy, rested muscle consists of healthy muscle cells with access to all the nutrients they need. Among other things, this means protein, which cannot be made without nitrogen, which this supplement makes more easily available. As a result, strength, endurance and lean muscle mass increase much more rapidly, while you can train harder and more frequently.

As is the ethos of this company, taking this supplement will not cause internal organ damage, or raise estrogen or cholesterol levels.


Like many Crazy Mass offerings, Winnidrol is a legal, safe alternative to a true steroid (Stanozolol in this case).

Although it does more than one thing, it’s main function is as a fat burner. It literally boosts your metabolism even when resting, so that you will feel more active, less likely to be cold, and hungry more often. The type of fat it converts (adipose) resides within large muscles, so that you will notice how these get harder and denser with exercise. Your definition and tone will soon be better, as a workout consumes fat instead of muscle tissue for power.

Again, there are none of the side effects you would expect from synthetic steroids, including retaining water.

HGH Elite

As is the case with everything they sell, the aim is not to insert foreign things in your bloodstream, but adjust the levels of naturally occurring endocrines to make your workouts more effective. Along with testosterone, HGH is perhaps one of the two most important of these.

Useful even during a rest phase, HGH provides a wide range of benefits: better blood flow, increased protein formation, better strength and a general feeling of healthy well-being.

Iso Ignite

No anabolic supplement in the world will help you if you don’t put enough calories and protein into your body. When a pharmaceutical company, even one that only uses plant extracts, decides to design a protein shake, you can expect that a little more work has gone into it than simply mixing a bunch of powders together. Like most protein shakes, it’s based on whey protein, but it is specially refined to remove extraneous components, while some organic elements have been added to enhance its effectiveness.

While many other protein powders exist, this one’s purity, and the fact that it’s been formulated to increase the effectiveness of other Crazy Mass legal steroids products, puts it a cut above the rest.

What it all Means

You can press, curl, squat and jerk all day long, but, unless you’re very lucky in your genes, you will never gain muscle mass beyond a certain point. Anabolic supplements safely cooperate with your own body’s chemistry to enable you to break through the barrier, after which they’re safe enough to continue using if you choose.

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