Legal Steroids Review – Is It Worth It?

legal steroids
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Doctors frequently prescribe “hard” steroids for a variety of conditions, such as arthritis, asthma and lupus. These drugs have a number of unpleasant potential side effects, such as heightened risk of infection, diabetes, increased blood pressure and eye problems. Not only that, but they play havoc with your hormonal levels, which in turn can lead to uncontrollable mood swings (‘roid rage), skin conditions, insomnia and constant nervousness. After a course of these steroids, a period of “post cycle therapy” is required just to allow the body to catch up to its natural state. Obviously, these are powerful, potentially dangerous drugs, and any doctor will think carefully before prescribing them.

The good news is that these are not the kind of products that Crazy Mass sells. Instead they offer you the solution of 100% legal steroids, which are made from very safe ingredients and work along with your body’s natural processes instead of hijacking your biochemistry (which will inevitably have some kind of bad consequences). But don’t  let this fool you, these supplements certainly DO pack a punch and a half to say the least. They do not require a prescription – but they are in-fact prescription grade. Although if you do have concerns, or suffer from any kind of chronic condition (blood pressure issues come to mind), you ought to consult a medical professional.


Who Would Use It

No significant side effects have been reported from these legal steroids alternatives, although the manufacturers recommend that you neither smoke nor drink alcohol during the time you are taking their products (I think they might recommend the same in any case). They also sell certain products not intended for women, but they are quite upfront about it.

Crazy Mass is not meant for professional athletes, as anabolic supplements (which are not the same as hormonal steroids or other substances which can wreck your liver and kidneys) are considered grounds for suspension by many athletic organizations. Rather, much like a planned diet and workout program, they will help ordinary people who want to improve their fitness or lose weight achieve their goals A LOT faster. However, the idea is not that a pill will do all of the work for you: you’ll still need to hit the gym and the track. Rather, taking the supplements for a few weeks or months will give you a MASSIVE boost during that time, giving you a foundation to build on in the future.

Much like artificially-made, prescription grade drugs, there is the potential of interaction between different substances. Unlike harsher chemicals, however, anabolic supplements tend to work together synergisticly – different prescription drugs taken together can often have side effects worse than the problem they were intended to treat. This is one of the most interesting features of this company: the ability to safely “stack” more than one supplement at a time for a combination of effects, for example, improving muscle tone while simultaneously burning off fat.

The Crazy Mass Cutting Stack – A best seller!


The Products


Every successful bodybuilder in the world will tell you how important correct breathing is. Oxygenated blood takes several seconds to reach the large muscles, and if you force them to work hard without sufficient oxygen present, lactic acid forms (lactic acidosis). This leads to a burning pain (more than usual) and even cramping. The stuff also builds up in your bloodstream, causing nausea and a feeling of weakness, which is yet another good reason for anyone who works out to drink sufficient water. All of this applies to both aerobic and strength training.

Although it has other benefits, such as improving the rate of protein formation and hence muscle growth, the primary advantage is boosting red cell growth. More hemoglobin, more oxygen; more oxygen: less lactic acid buildup, more reps, better endurance and shorter recovery time.


This supplement is purely, apologetically, intended to build bigger muscles, faster. Like many less safe alternatives, it allows your muscle cells to absorb more nitrogen, which allows for much more rapid repair and growth. You ought to notice less soreness the next day, as well as gaining pure muscle mass MUCH more quickly.

The Crazy Mass Bulking Stack – Another best seller!


One of the Crazy Mass legal steroids alternatives recommended for both men and women, paravar enhances fat-burning performance and hence muscle definition. If you notice that your arms and legs have grown larger but remain “flabby”, this is the one you should consider.

One of the primary goals of any exercise plan, whether aerobic or muscle building, is to work out in a way so that fat is burned for energy instead of muscle. This supplement can help with that, getting rid of fat both around the organs (visceral) and just under the skin (subcutaneous). It’s also claimed to produce results quickly, but remember that you actually have to train, too, if you want to look good on the beach.

T-Bal 75

This is an all-in-one type of product, simultaneously improving blood flow, available testosterone, protein formation and endurance, allowing you to train harder, longer, and with greater effect.

Unlike real steroids, this will produce noticeable improvements in muscle growth and density without also building fat or accumulating water in your tissues. You’ll know that this is exactly what you are aiming for, if visible definition is important to you.


No, not a typo but a brand name. The amount of testosterone in your blood is critical to both muscle growth and fat consumption, and this product is all about increasing those levels. Definition and lean muscle mass will both increase far more rapidly in this case.

In Conclusion

Note that any of these supplements may be taken on their own, or as part of a “stack” of up to four to harness their combined effects. Each product has a recommended range of partners which are proven to work well together when blended, which can be done safely.

Many fitness fanatics want to add that extra edge to their training, but they also tend to be health nuts. As such, they will tend to shy away from chemical assistance, and certainly from any pill requiring a prescription. It’s a welcome relief that a gentler, safer option is now available, in many cases comparable in function and performance to drugs that can cause permanent damage. Even so, pay attention to the instructions and suggestions, drink enough water, and never exceed the recommended dosage.


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